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Dr. Ron Paul talks in easy terms the inner working of our money policies, Federal Reserve and Government -1988

This is an amazing educational video where Dr. Ron Paul, Frank Morrow and John Cone got together and described how the Federal Reserve was created, and how via the banking system our economy is controlled.

Frank Morrow was the producer of the TV show called “Alternative Views”.
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It reveals in easy terms how the Federal Reserve came about, our Government role on creating it and the negative impact it has on our economy. In addition, he tells us how little control (if any) Congress has on how the Federal Reserve handles our economy by manipulating the dollar. Printing money with no real backing such as gold or silver but rather the backing of other countries self interest has in buying our government certificates.
Congress as a whole does not do any real supervision PERIOD!

Back in the 80’s Japan was one of our biggest buyers of government bond certificates.
China was in the process of becoming what is today the biggest buyer of our bond certificates.
The Videos are divided in 5 parts:
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My personal opinion based on research is that just as the Internet bubble of the 90’s and the current Mortgage bubble one can see there is a parallel similarity between the two.
There is a world economic bubble trend; it is created to support these bad economic policies which were introduced by our elite bankers back in 1913.
Countries are been required to have a central bank, the umbrella is the US Dollar and the foundation that currently supports this is the America consumer power. One just needs to research data to find the dots that connect this trend. Start by looking at World War I all the way to current internal and external events. Looking at the war from an economic point of view during and after it, observing the events that unfolded from that view provide you with another outlook and with it closing the gap which in turn lets you see clear. The key is to “Follow the money”.

See who is buying our debt, follow economic trends internal and global, read the international agreements. Research US Tariff applied to products coming to the USA, to which countries etc and you start to see how the dots form a picture. It will guide you; it will let you see where things are moving economically and politically, nothing is done by accident but rather one step at the time. Those are events that take time to form, some take immediate effect, some 6 months, others a year, 5 or 10 years.

I will give you a hint of something to think about it, something recent (30 +/- years ago).
In the 70’s remember the phrases “Made in Japan” and how it was used to indicate that a product was of poor quality and not expensive? Well, do you know why we started to see more and more of this “Made in Japan” products coming to our markets?

One could say that a very important variable has to do with trade and economic policies being put in place by our US Congress allowing the development of industrial factories in Japan where many USA manufacturers were motivated to establish factories there by the economics incentives created by congress in various shapes and forms. In turn this industrial complex generated jobs in Japan; products were produced at a very low cost and shipped primary to the USA market.

This process that in the surface looks and sounded positive had among other things two primary drivers:
- First, it allowed American companies to establish roots there, manufacturing products at a very low cost and to be sold primarily in the USA market for a greater profit than if they were to be manufactured within the USA.
- Second with time eventually Japan will have excess dollars by achieving export surplus; this event was reached in 1965. It allowed Japan to start paying its international and internal debt and to buy USA bonds certificates and later (in the 80’s) to acquire significant economical control and/or ownership of USA assets such as real estates among other things. This is a key element since it allows the Federal Reserve to print money out of thin air using a delicate economic dance. It does it by issuing Bond certificates and /or buying or using anything else as collateral example of it: (other countries certificates). It is not a simple tasks and it requires national and international laws to be created or adjusted.

It requires the creation or modification of entities to govern some key processes with local and international reach; in sum it is a living process that requires constant tuning and requires the cooperation and input of many national and international bodies all with a common goal “to build wealth”. There is nothing wrong with building wealth, to the contraire, it is a good thing, but the issue is ways and methods of obtaining it.

It is that in the process the spirit our USA constitution is been manipulated, our three government branches in one way or another are allowing the core of the USA constitution to be chipped by passing laws which are shown to be contradictory to our Constitution. As I heard there is a secret process created where the constitution can be “suspended” as if the USA constitution can be “PUT OFF”.

This is a trend that one needs to pay attention. Lets take a look at China, it is now the new “Buyer” of these USA Bond certificates; China also buys other countries currencies, but primarily ours for now…

China has a self interest in doing so and to us China is a double sword; One because it has been a little harder for existing global economic groups to be able to effectively inject and drive in one way or another China’s economic policies. Two, it is a very delicate dance specially for us because China lately is holding Billions of our bond certificates and if we push to hard, China can dump their USA holdings and with it creating a downward spiral where the US Dollar will be the bigger looser AKA inflation to the roof!! -1929 flashback and who knows what else.

It is a tedious job to dig and research all that is out there and to connect the dots in a logical form, but I encourage you to do so. The information is there, World Bank, IMF, State Department, Department of commerce, Congress legislation, US official trips etc.

Those groups are doing their best to maintain a global stable economy however in the process mistakes are made and with it lots of innocent people are deprived of their earnings, saving etc.

Currently Latin America, Canada and the USA are forming a "Union" the process was initiated in the 90's and it is continuing one step at the time slowly. Remember that the current EU "European Union" did not take this form overnight but over decades and it is continuing being shaped.

If you wish, research as to how the EU "European Union"was initiated; compare it to what is taking place between Latin America, Canada and the USA and you will find similarities.

Economically all make sense, just be aware of it so at the end you are not left behind.

I leave you with those thoughts…

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